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Satisfy your guests’ hunger with local foods

Rassasy's Deli on the Road

Rassasy’s Deli on the Road is our mobile delicatessen which travels to villages and towns around Sussex. Rassasy can provide the best of what Sussex has to offer to people who appreciate all that is good about quality local foods. On board you will be able to choose from a selection of local cheeses, breads, meats, Rassasy’s own sausage rolls, Rassasy’s own scotch eggs and antipasti, including Rassasy’s own coleslaw and potato salad, all wrapped on purchase by our deli expert. You can choose as much or as little as you like and discuss the provenance of your food whilst trusting the local artisans to deliver good food. Not only do we provide the best of deli items but we will also have a wide range of condiments specially procured to complement your larder.


In addition to the wonderful individual items, you can also order one of our wonderful deli boxes or cheese boxes to delight your guests or family. These are the same deli boxes that are loved by the customers at Rassasy farm shop and deli in Ferring and can be found on this very website.