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Rassasy's Products

Fruits and Vegetables

There is nothing quite so good as fresh fruit and vegetables. Mike goes to market to choose the best of the best to bring back to the shop for you, making him our official hunter gatherer. You can see what’s new by following our Facebook page where we update images regularly so you are aware of what the new seasons bring in. You can also order a range of fruit and vegetable boxes. See what box you need on this page, contact us and book a delivery, pay for it on the doorstep. It’s that easy.

fruit and vegetables

Sunday Roast Veg Box £9.50

1 x cauliflower
1 x broccoli
1/2 kg parsnips
1/2 kg carrot
1 x garlic
2 white onions
1 x red onion


Italiano Veg Box £12.50

1 x aubergine
1 x celery
0.2kg mushrooms
2 x courgette
1 x vine of plm tomatoes
1 x red pepper
1 x green pepper
2 x white onions
1 x red onion
1 x garlic

Family's Coming to Dinner Box £15, £20, £25, £30.
Within this box will be a range of standard and seasonal fruits, salad vegetables and root vegetables to keep a family eating for at least a week.


On the Lighter Side £10.50 without Medita and coleslaw £16.50 with Medita and coleslaw

1 x celery
1 x cucumber
1 x red onion
1 x baby leaf (or other salad leaves of your preference)
1 x red pepper
1 x vine plum or cherry tomato
1 x garlic
1 x stem of ginger
1 x radish
1 x lemon
1 x avacado
1 x pot of coleslaw
1 x medita (our local feta equivalent)


Fruit Box

Made with seasonal fruit and an excellent ‘I Appreciate You’ present for those who, believe it or not, do not like chocolate or cake (I know, but there are some of us out there!) What’s more, fruit is way cheaper, bigger and lasts longer than a box of choccies!

You can choose from a presentable basket or a simple box of goodness to suit any budget.


From £10 for a simple box of fruit containing:

1kg seasonal apples
2 x oranges
2 x seasonal soft fruit
0.5kg satsumas
4 x bananas
1 x punnet grapes

A note to remember, these boxes are only plucked from the recesses of our minds. You are your own chef and you know what you need to Satisfy Your Guests’ Hunger, so ask us and we will help you along the way.


Bread, being a staple commodity, is something we had forgotten was important to our healthy diet. Quality bread is not made with a long list of additives to keep it stable. Good bread is baked and eaten to enhance your diet. We have chosen three bakers from the local areas who can provide us with the best breads to satisfy your requirements. Coburn and Baker, The Merry Miller and Sodt are all outstanding bakers and available on our bread counter. They are also kind enough to bestow upon us the occasional tasty treat for our cake stand, where Brownie from Brownie Heaven and lemon and blueberry or carrot cakes can be found. Sliced or unsliced, our bread is served to you in paper bags as additional plastic is just not something we can do. Buy it fresh, eat it, don’t keep it.



Our fish counter is swimmingly full of fish delivered every day by the good people of Brighton and Newhaven Fish. Everyday we have our salmon and bass, a definite firm favourite with the locals in Ferring, but we also make sure we spruce this up with local scallops, plaice, cod, haddock or, from further afield, delicious tuna steaks. If you know you want a certain fish for that special day, why not pre-order and pick it up at your convenience. Our shellfish and frozen prawn sections works perfectly with grab bags stuffed full of delectable tiger prawns ready to make a curry, pasta or stir fry the best prawn curry. pasta or stir fry you will ever eat. Want clam fregola? Our cooked clams in their shells make the best clams fregola and our Green-Lipped mussels and prawn tempura make devine eating


Rassasy’s Deli on the Road is our mobile delicatessen which travels to villages and towns around Sussex. Rassasy can provide the best of what Sussex has to offer to people who appreciate all that is good about quality local foods. On board you will be able to choose from a selection of local cheeses, breads, meats, Rassasy’s own sausage rolls, Rassasy’s own scotch eggs and antipasti, including Rassasy’s own coleslaw and potato salad, all wrapped on purchase by our deli expert. You can choose as much or as little as you like and discuss the provenance of your food whilst trusting the local artisans to deliver good food. Not only do we provide the best of deli items but we will also have a wide range of condiments specially procured to complement your larder. In addition to the wonderful individual items, you can also order one of our wonderful deli boxes or cheese boxes to delight your guests or family.


Deli and Continental

We could not open a farm shop & deli without the recognition of a couple of the great culinary cultures. our love of Italy was a no brainer and so we searched out the best supplier of Italian goodies and they have not disappointed us. We love our Leaning Tower of Pasta at the back of the shop where you can find a wonderful range of pastas hanging on for dear life. Snuggled in amongst the condiments are great Italian items such as the herbs to add to sauces or to make bruschetta, San Marzano tomatoes and Nduja bombs to name but a few. However, from our wonderful vegetable section, you can also order an Italian Job veg box with everything you’d need to make a fabulous pasta dish.

We also decided to celebrate Spanish culture after a visit to Las Ramblas In Barcelona and we are lucky to have a very local supplier of all things Spanish. Our range of Spanish beans are great for salads and stews. Try making Patatas Bravas with our sauces, chorizo in honey or a paella with our spice mixes. The Iberica ham on our deli is divine and their crisps bring back memories of sitting in the sun with a cold beer watching the world go by – simply the best.


Refill is what we are passionate about and we are proud to boast an array of refillable ways to be green. We have a refill centre at the front of our shop giving you organic refillable products such as nuts, grains, rices, pasta, herbs and spices, so bring your own container and fill to your heart’s content, or take one of our brown bags away and fill up at home. Anything on our deli counter or fish counter can be put into a home container, reducing the need for waste. The most and absolutely delicious refill, in my opinion, is the oils and vinegars, we supply bottles but again, there is no need to use our containers, bring in your own and fill with the most exquisite oils and vinegars to drizzle on any foods. A firm favourite in The Snug has to be lemon, orange and ginger vinegars – simple devine drizzled on salad or on a sourdough or focaccia. We, at Rassasy, don’t want to stop there though, we also have refillable organic wines, lagers and ales. Served in either two or four pints, you can either bring in your own container or take one of ours. We don’t mind as long as you get in the refill way.